Carmel, California
July 9, 2007


Dear "Marj",

PLEASE forgive the delayed reply to your beautiful letter of May 10, 2007. I just found it in our "stack" of delayed correspondence while we were gone.

You will ALWAYS be welcomed to our home, that you designed and cleared with the County, back in 1980... not to mention the very successful designs of many additions and improvements you have generated over the years for us. Those include the "Media Room" over the garage, the "4-stop elevator shaft" (in a 2-story home) that has been critical for us, and above all, your willingness to put up with ME (Jim) as you worked so diligently to help us.

Indeed, we cherish your well-developed skills and commitment... in our behalf. We truly appreciate and admire your professional contributions to our home.

Most Respectfully,

Lynn & Jim